5 Cleaning Hacks That Will Save Your Time

We clean and pick up our house as much as we can, but hardly get the time to really deep-clean. Knowing a few easy and quick tricks can make the work a lot easier. No more worries paying for the expensive cleaning products, save your time and frustration with some quick cleaning tricks that will change your cleaning routine.

Get Bobsweep

Tired of dust and allergies? Get started with bObsweep which is considerably less expensive and cleans up the place without a hassle. When you have no time and head to work, its bObweep’s turn to take care of the place by waking up exactly at the time you have set it up and sweeps around the entire room hunting for pet hair, dust, paw prints and germs. Isn’t is cool? Try it and save tons of your time.

Never Underestimate the Power of Vinegar

Vinegar helps you doing most of your cleaning chores. Use equal parts of vinegar and water to wash both the interior and exterior of your fridge.
The mineral deposits on the shower head look terrible. Put a little vinegar in a plastic bag and tie that plastic bag around the showerhead for a night and rinse it in the morning, you will see the early new look of your showerhead.

How Well Can You Use Your Old Tooth Brush?

Do not stop your children with the cute notes on the wall.No more stopping your kids with their sweet notes on the wall. With a shaving cream on a tooth brush, you can remove the crayon marks on the wall.

Toothbrush Hacks:

  • Clean your fingernails.
  • You can also clean tricky spots around the taps.
  • A very slightly damp toothbrush is perfect for cleaning delicate

Hairdryer Combat Water Rings

Your beautiful wooden furniture often gets ruined with the nasty water marks on it. Hair dryers are perfect for getting rid of dreaded water rings. Heat your hair dryer on a medium heat and hold it two inches away from the mark. Apply heat to the mark and use a cloth to buff away the mark and continue it till you see the mark completely disappears.

Don’t Forget The Magic Of A Lemon

Did you know? Homemade lemon air freshener adds a fresh aroma to your home. Make your air freshener by using baking soda, lemon juice and essential oil to a medium sized bowl, stir and cool it. Now, Pour it into a spray bottle and freshen up your home.

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