Terms of Service


  • i. The Terms of Service constitute the contract between Sparkling Shine Cleaners and the client(s).
  • ii. The Terms of Service apply to all of our professional cleaning services. We have the right to alter any item(s) with it, and it shall supersede prior agreement with exception to existing and active contracts.
  • iii. No matter, how you hire us; online, phone, email or fax, all modes of contracts are subjected to these Terms of Service.
  • iv. By accessing Sparkling Shine Cleaner’s Website, you accept, without limitation to be bound by these Terms of Service.
  • v. If you do not agree with the Terms of Service, you may not access or use Sparkling Shine Cleaner’s website.


  • i. Sparkling Shine Cleaners respects the clients’ policy and dignity. All your information is kept confidential which includes keys, documents, personal communication and media files.

The Service

  • i. We bring our supplies unless you want us to use your own supplies.
  • ii. In case of traffic, extra client services, lockouts or any other inconvenience, grant us a margin of 2 hours to reach to your place.
  • iii. In case of your absence, you can allow us to access the entry code or the keys to start the work.
  • iv. You are strictly prohibited from hiring any of Sparkling Shine Cleaners’ team member or past staff for any home related service outside of your services contract.
  • v. You are liable to pay $5000 in case Non-solicitation of staff.


  • i. Recurring payments are owed to be paid upon completion of each service.
  • ii. All outstanding payments are subjected to a finance charge of 2% per month.
  • iii. All declined checks or NSF accounts are subjected to a finance charge of $25.
  • iv. We charge 100% fee for all re-scheduled services or any changes in the appointment in respect of our team’s availability and religious scheduling efforts.
  • v. All appointments are subjected to cancellation in case of clients’ absence at our arrival.
  • vi. The client will be charged $40 per hour waiting fee if the cleaning team has to wait within the scheduled time.
  • vii. We require a parking spot for our vehicles otherwise a minimum fee of $2 will be charged to your invoice in case of outdoor parking.
  • viii. We have the right to refuse to provide services to unhealthy or hazardous areas. In such situation, the client will be entitled to a 50% refund as compensation for refusal.
  • xi. Any addition to the scheduled services is subjected to pay 50% of the estimated amount for rescheduling the appointment.
  • x. You are liable to pay $5000 in case of Non-solicitation of our team.

For any rescheduling, lockouts or cancellation of your service(s), you are required to inform us before 2 business days. Click here

Note: Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Terms of Cleaning

  • i. You are required to inform us at the time of appointment for any heavy lifting such as moving the furniture or cleaning behind the heavy furniture or fridge.
  • ii. To reduce the risk of mishandling or breakage, we do not put away dishes.
  • iii. You are required to place the clean sheets on each bed for Bed Linen services.
  • iv. Complete washing of walls/floors by hand is exclusive of vacuuming and spot cleaning. You have to place a special request for full cleaning of walls/floors.
  • v. For ensuring safe working conditions, we do not do the cleaning of the following list:
  • vi.Flood, fire, bullets, or soot damages.
  • vii. Drugs, guns and other ammunitions.
  • viii. Dead animals and blood.
  • ix. Vast areas of waste and excrement.
  • x. Organizing and shredding documents.
  • xi.We have our own liability insurance in case of any damage happens.
  • xii.We charge minimum call out fee of $150 plus HST for all one-time services.
  • xiii.A finance charge of 2% per month (24% annually)

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel or reject your order under the following circumstances,

  • i. Your cleaning order details mismatches with the actual work upon the arrival of our cleaning team.
  • ii. Any of your property or households have any item(s) from the list which we do not clean.
  • iii. The sample images differ from the actual condition of the place upon arrival of our team.
  • iv. Any of our team members are harassed, abused, ill-treated or misbehaved in any manner.
  • v. We carry our cleaning equipments till four floors. In case of a shutdown elevator or if there are more than four floors, we have to reject your order with a complete charge of 100% service fee.

Before and After Service Regulations

  • i. Before we start with the cleaning, you are required to take a walk all over to grasp the actual situation of the area.
  • ii. We will take before and after cleaning photographs for our records and protection.
  • iii. Upon completion, the client has to take another walk to ensure the condition of the area and sign off the order upon satisfaction.
  • iv. We are not liable to offer refunds in any case due to the non-objective nature of the work.

Complaint Handling

In case of any cleaning complaints, you are requested to call us at 987 6543 201 or email us at info@sparklingshine.com and allow us to resolve all your complaints before posting any issues on the social media.

You are required to abide by all the Terms of Service mentioned above for working with Sparkling Shine Cleaners. Any change in the above clauses will be updated on the website.